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At-home red light therapy devices, delivering the most efficient and effective wavelengths of 850nm and 660nm. Low level light therapy offers tremendous health benefits. Science has clearly shown that these treatments improve hair growth, reduces wrinkles, and offers anti-aging advantages. Red Light Therapy is now being used by all levels of athletes to enhance their peak performance and shorten muscle recovery times. And these same advantages are available to you as well!

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Red Light Therapy Full Body Panels

What is Red Light Therapy?


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At-Home Red Light Therapy Panels

what our customers are saying

I've worked in the Spa Industry for years using light therapy on the face and decollette. I was delighted to find a full body device for home use! I now recommend your panels to my clients who struggle with skin issues on other areas of their body. Great Product!

Kelley B.

Almost immediately, I noticed improved mood and better sleep. I purchased the double panel to help with muscle recovery after lifting sessions and have felt a huge difference. Pretty awesome!

James H.

I have an autoimmune disease and have been using the single panel for about a month now - 10 minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening. I definitely feel less fatigue and muscle soreness. I've also had several friends comment that my skin looks great! Thank you!

Trish J.

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